trim separate video and audio to match?

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trim separate video and audio to match?

Postby lenmro » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:01 pm


I have some video I'd like to insert into a PSG show, where the video and audio are separate - the video file is in mpg format and the audio in .wav format. It now seems odd to have the video and audio as separate files, and I wouldn't do it this way if I could do it again, but they were created like this using Sony Vegas for output to DVD, and at the time it seemed that this was how Vegas was leading me to do it. Anyhow, I no longer have the source tapes so I can't recreate the video and audio as one combined file.

I have no problem importing both the video and audio into PSG, and if I add the audio as a sound file attached to the slide then they seem to stay perfectly in sync.

The problem comes when I trim the video file, to play just the middle 2 minutes - the sound file still plays from the beginning. I have seen an option that allows you to also trim the audio, so is that what I would need to do - make a note of the start and end positions of my video clip and then do the same in the audio trimmer? If so, do the 3 digits after the decimal point in the start and end audio trim boxes correspond to the same value as in the video trimmer (do they represent the frame number?)

Or is there a better way of trimming my video and audio at the same time? Or does anyone know a way to recombine my .mpg and .wav files back into one file without any loss of quality?

Thanks for your help

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Re: trim separate video and audio to match?

Postby bonalymac » Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:14 am

If you used Vegas to separate them, you can use Vegas to re-join them. I use Premeiere Elements myself, so I don't know how its done in Vegas, but in essence all you want is to export it as a video.

A quick Google found this. Don't know if its correct, but its a start

Sync the clips up, select one of them, shift+click the other and press G to Group them together.
If this is being used in the existing project, then you're done.
If this is to be used in one or more future projects, then render the clip in the appropriate format or save it as a veg file that can be imported (i.e. nested) into a future project.

Good luck

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Re: trim separate video and audio to match?

Postby gpsmikey » Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:37 am

Colin is correct on how to group the video and audio. You will have to then re-render that to the output file that you could use - I think if you are careful to use the same settings for the output file as the video clip that it will not have to re-render the mpg file so there will not be a quality loss, but you will have to experiment and see (you can RIGHT click a clip in Vegas and see the properties of the clip). See if that works for you. (actually if I remember correctly, you can select in Vegas to match the project properties to the clip properties).

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