How To Prevent Wizard from using multiple pics for one slide

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How To Prevent Wizard from using multiple pics for one slide

Postby pcgal » Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:50 pm

I love the way the ProShow Gold Wizard creates a slideshow given a number of pictures and audio files. But I'm having trouble editing the results of the wizard. In particular, I don't like that it combines multiple pictures into one slide. I've tried to remove the pictures and put them into their own slide but I can't figure out where the picture goes once you remove it. I admit, I only use ProShow Gold once a year to do a year-end slide show and I haven't learned all of its cool features. But now that I see what it can do, I want to use some of these layer features.

So, I have about 225 slides and using the wizard for the most part works. Can I make the wizard only use one picture per slide? And if not, is there an easy way to remove the extra pictures from those multiple picture slide, and insert it into another one?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

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Re: How To Prevent Wizard from using multiple pics for one slide

Postby bonalymac » Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:27 am

Simple answer for a user who only uses the software once a year is no you cannot make the wizard use only one image layers.

Now the complex answer.

The Wizard uses Themes pre-selected by Photodex to give a cross-section of effects that a designer has decided will match each other visually. Inevitably, they will have a mix of simple and complex styles.

If you want to create your own much simpler Wizard style, you can do so easily.

If you choose to use in that theme, only styles with 1 image layer, then your Wizard (when it uses your theme) can only apply 1 image layer per slide. Simples!

Sounds a lot more complex than it is!

It is not actually that difficult, and the manual explains it simply. If you haven't got the manual, download it from the Photodex site. The help file also explains it. The section below is copied from the Producer version, Gold may be different, so check.

Incidentally, I'm assuming that Gold lets you do this, so hopefully a Gold user will chip in if this is not possible, as I do not have Gold to check.

One way to think about it may be to use an existing theme, and delete the styles you don't want your theme to use. but REMEMBER TO GIVE IT A NEW NAME FIRST or you'll erase the existing style. As there may be 40 to 60 styles in the theme, you'll need to decide

So it really depends on how adventurous you want to be. Go on, have a go, then you can become an addict like the rest of us

Finally, your picture doesn't go aywhere when you remove it from a slide, but often removing an image is more complex than it sounds. It may be duplicated once, twice ten times etc, and you have to remove all versions as well as anything else that relates to it.

Often the easiest way to do this is to change your style to "No style" - always at the top of the list of styles - and then you will be left with the absolute basic info that the wizard has created for that slide, just the actual images. You can then remove as many as you need/want to and re-apply a style of your choice.

If you do delete an image tho, it is still on your hard disk in its original source, so you can add it as a new slide anywhere you want in the normal way. But remember if you've used an audio sound track, it now won't match the length of the show with the new slide. But that's another question!

To Create Your Own Theme
If you have favorite effects that you would like the Wizard to use, try creating your own custom theme. This is especially handy if you use the Wizard frequently to make specific kinds of shows. For example, if you use the Wizard to make shows with wedding images, create a theme that only uses slide styles and effects that you feel will work best with that type of content.

Click the Add icon.

Enter a name for the new theme.

Choose your Start With option. This will help get your theme up and running by adding effects to it.

Selecting the Use the default set of effects option will create a new theme that features all effects installed on your system.

Selecting the Use the effects selected in the current theme option will create a new theme that has the same effects as whatever theme you currently have selected in the content box. This is a great way to create a new version of an existing theme – just select the theme you’d like to copy, and Add a new show using the current theme.

Click Ok.

The Edit Theme window will open next, displaying all available effects.

The list on the left shows all the different categories of Slide Styles and Transitions you have installed. Styles will be listed first. To see the transitions that can be used in the theme, scroll down to the transition categories.

To add an effect to your theme, simply check the box next to the name of the effect.

To remove an effect from a theme, uncheck the box. After you have finished, click Apply to create the theme.

Note: If you create a theme that has the same name as an existing theme, the older theme will be replaced by the newly created theme.

For best results, be sure that your new themes include a good selection of styles and effects. The wizard has to pick effects from your theme for a variety of energy levels and durations. Themes with lots of effects enabled will generally produce better shows than themes with just a few effects.

To Customize an Exisiting Theme
Any theme used in the Wizard can be customized, including the built-in themes. Simply select the theme you would like to customize and click the Edit icon. Editing a theme lets you remove an effect that you might not like, or add additional effects you think would work well.

Check any effects you would like to add to the theme, or uncheck any effects you would like to no longer be included and press the Apply button to save the changes.


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Re: How To Prevent Wizard from using multiple pics for one slide

Postby favoriteflyer » Sat Nov 12, 2011 5:09 pm

Thank you for this post on creating one's own Wizard theme. I cannot tell you how much this has helped me. Thanks again.

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Re: How To Prevent Wizard from using multiple pics for one slide

Postby gho64 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:12 am

Thank You Bonalymac for your explanation.


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Re: How To Prevent Wizard from using multiple pics for one slide

Postby tdew » Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:03 am

It would be nice if you could UNcombine slides that you've put together earlier instead of having to bring those pictures in again, but I've never seen a way. Is there one?

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