New transition: use tilt for one image to reveal another

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New transition: use tilt for one image to reveal another

Postby DickK » Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:18 am

Anita posted a nice tutorial video showing how you can use the, new in Version 5, image tilt function as another kind of transition between images. Gold users can look at her video for an example of what it looks like but you want to ignore her explanation of how to do it because she uses keyframe manipulation to get there. In this case, however, Gold users can get the same visual effect, we just have to do it step-by-step with multiple slides. Her version is here:


I hope this explanation will be clear enough, here goes. There will be 4 slides when we're done. Each of the four does one simple step in the process--you're doing the same thing Anita does but spread across multiple slides instead of all inside one.

Start by creating a slide with two image layers with the image you want seen first on top. Copy that so there are 4 of them and put: cut (0 time) transitions between those.

1. This slide is simple and static. It just shows Image #1, turn off #2, and set the slide time for how long you want the audience to see it.
------------transition here is cut ----------------
2. This slide tilts Image #1 to make it disappear. Image #2 is still off. It starts like just like slide 1, but just change the ending position of Image #1 so it has Horizontal Tilt of 90 (degrees) which makes it disappear.
------------transition here is cut ----------------
3. This slide tilts Image #2 to make it appear. Image #1 is off. Turn Image #2 on, but make it invisible by changing its starting position to have Horizontal Tilt of -90 (degrees). It should already be that way but make sure the ending position of Image #2 has Horizontal Tilt of zero--fully visible.
------------transition here is cut ----------------
4. This slide is simple and static. It just shows Image #2 (#1 is off) with a slide time so the audience can see it.

The slide times for the middle two control how fast the effect happens, keep them equal but use whatever you like. I find this multi-slide method simple and easy. It won't work for everything that PSP does with motion, but it works for more things than you might expect.

This technique is a new and interesting variation on something I noticed back in the days of PSG 3 and posted a description of here:

At that time we didn't have the tilt motion as an option, so I used zoom and rotate but the concept is similar--move a layer in a way that reveals another one. I really like Anita's addition to this idea of using a sequence of tilts to accomplish it. Try it, I think you might find a use for it, too.

Comments and corrections to that explanation welcome!

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