Help to setup "Ken Burns" effect under ProShow Gold

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Help to setup "Ken Burns" effect under ProShow Gold

Postby yesman » Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:29 pm

Hi all,

I just checked another thread about to apply "Ken Burns" effect, like the mac iphoto "Ken Burns" slideshow effect . However, there is a problem when i apply the same effect under the ProShow Gold. The slideshow setup as HD TV format (1920*1080) 16:9, most of the photo as 4:3. The problem is when using the zoom effect "Slide>Randomize>Randomize monition effects>zoom", the zoom effect is start from outside of the photo. So the black color background will be showed under the slideshow. Is that anyway to control the effect start inside of the photo?
This is the sample what i did:


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Re: Help to setup "Ken Burns" effect under ProShow Gold

Postby im42n8 » Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:20 pm

I don't care too much for the black background for this kind of effect ... however, that doesn't mean it can't be used effectively. I use it only rarely. However, Ken Burns often worked with an image that was larger than full screen. Generally that means he zoomed into the image. Let's say the image was as wide and tall as the aspect of the frame. There's no way to pan the subject material without zooming into the image to avoid the black background. So, you start zooming into the image (as in moving the lens closer to the image) while panning to a location of interest. Likewise, you can start at a much larger zoom and zoom out while panning to the image's location of interest.

There are a couple of keys to doing the Ken Burns effect (which he did NOT invent but to which he brought much attention to with his Civil War series): pan and zoom fairly slowly. At the same time, have some point of interest to which you are panning. That is, do not have motion merely for motion sake; It has to have meaning.

Now, the problem in Gold is that the start and end times for the slide is all you get. So you must work within those limits. If you need to change direction or hold zoom for a while ... you need to add another slide and then match the end settings of the previous slide with the start settings of the next slide ... do what you're going to do ... and then add another slide to continue (again, matching ending to starting settings).

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