Double show

Post your tips & tricks here for creating slide shows with ProShow Gold. This could include suggestions for style and content in addition to working with the software itself
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Double show

Postby unloved » Fri Sep 19, 2014 2:36 pm

I made a slideshow with photos. I have other photos, and i want to replace all pictures in that show.
I want to make another slideshow, exactly the same like the first, but i want to use different pictures.

How to do that on ProShow Gold?

In other words.. i want to make like a template of music, transitions, time, effects, slide effects. Every time i want to change on that template only photos. Is it possible so?

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Re: Double show

Postby debngar » Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:38 pm

That is what the function of the template feature does in Producer and why that version of ProShow costs more, among having other features that Gold doesn't have.

It saves a show, music and all, strips the replaceable content and leaves the bones. The user can highlight a series of images to add to the show or drag photos into the show/slides etc without much trouble and it will populate the show's place holders for the replaceable content.

A long work around using PS Gold would be to resave the show design in the form you like with another name and drag replacement photos onto the each slide layer and they will automatically replace the image currently in each layer. But you have to do it one slide layer at a time. It might not be too hard if it's a simple show but still time consuming and increasingly more work if the show has complicated slide styles with lots of layers and lots of different images in each slide.

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