Newbie trying to understand

Post your tips & tricks here for creating slide shows with ProShow Gold. This could include suggestions for style and content in addition to working with the software itself
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Newbie trying to understand

Postby majohnson4350 » Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:58 pm

I have checked out the forum and can't find an answer. I am making a slideshow for old family pictures to send to relatives to be able to play on their TVs/DVD players. I can save it to a DVD and it plays fine but I also want to add the actual JPGs/pictures to the same DVD so they can reprint if they want any of them. I have tried saving the show to DVD and then copying the photos to the same DVD and that doesn't work. I have tried saving the photos first and then saving the show to the same DVD and the software tells me I must have a blank disk. I have tried copying the complete file from where I saved it along with the photos and the show won't play in the DVD-it just shows "loading" and never plays. Is there a process for me to do this or do I just have to give them 2 different DVDs-one with the show and one with the photos? There is enough room on the DVDs for all.

Thanks for any guidance.


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Re: Newbie trying to understand

Postby obeeone » Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:43 pm

G'day Mark

When you select DVD from the top menu bar you get an option under the "Burning" tab to include "Original photos" or another option to include "Additional Content" just check one of those. That's in version 5, I assume 6 is the same. Just make sure you have enough room on the DVD for them to fit.

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Re: Newbie trying to understand

Postby gpsmikey » Tue Oct 21, 2014 5:40 pm

In addition to what Carl said, understand that the "include additional content" lets you point at a folder of data to include. It includes the contents of that folder on the top level of the DVD (which generally gives you a bunch of stuff scattered around the top level of the dvd). The best way is to have a folder called EXTRAS for example, then you put another folder inside that called EXTRAS (or whatever you want). Put all the images etc. in the second (sub folder) and point to the top one when you "include additional content" - that will give you a folder called EXTRAS on the DVD with whatever (including additional folders if you want) in it.

The reason (one of them) you could not write additional stuff to the DVD after creating it is the burner "closed" the DVD, so no further writing is possible - there are ways around that, but the "include additional content" option should do what you want as long as you are aware of the directory issue. I use that method all the time.

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