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Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Fri May 25, 2018 3:16 am

From a few weeks, I noticed less and less people joining or posting in the forum. Is this due to a lack of new functions in the software from "mother house" and then a lack of interest ?

Many other editors call to mind their future development as to maintain an interest in their products. I know that this has never been the Photodex' case but I frankly believe that they should if they don't want their customers escape under other skies. :mrgreen:

Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Fri May 25, 2018 7:48 am

Dear Jean-Pierre / Jeep,

as usual - with your experience & foresight - you hit the problem - (which could be compared to a sad image of the overpressured nail to be just shattered) - on its painful head ==>
===> which means - you are one of few people who have the courage to ask: "what is the real cause of lack of: posting the slideshows, diminishing comments, - and - generally - lack of enthusiasm of using of this marvelous software ..."

I loved this place (proshowenthusiasts.com), which helped me so much with learning the software, I've have appreciated very much encouraging remarks of more experiencing users - especially at my ( beginnings years ago) - which, as now I can see now - were of course rather clumsy beginners slideshows.

... And then !!!!! something changed .... the forum has become a battlefield of opinions .... and harsh words .... and mocking .... and non-tolerance of different views of other-less experienced users ...
and almost attacks towards less-numbers-counts members .... AND ALSO: NO Gratitude and Thanks for HELP/RESPONSES POSTED !!!!

I do not know about you, Jean-Pierre, and I do not know about any other people, who will be reading this post, --- but in my working/professional life, which spanned several decades & different countries -
I have learned - that, if somebody is NOT nice to you, you will be better off - just to stay silent in shadows - to watch, to observe and if things are getting unbearable - to withdraw - for your own sake.

We cannot fight battles for everybody - we cannot teach everybody, how to behave correctly in civilized manner - we are not responsible for all wrongs around..... It could worn you too much at the end....
You can agree or disagree with me - (it is by the way - everybody's opinion & free will to do so) .....

Regardless - I am & will be to still working on my slideshows with this great (& still best) program on the market ....

Thank you, Jean-Pierre, again, that you care enough about the Producer, and have courage to bring up this sensitive issue.

All the best to all of you,
Astra / Alexandra.

Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Fri May 25, 2018 9:49 pm

Well it hasn't been a few weeks; this has been for quite some time now that the interest for Proshow Enthusiast has disappeared! Proshow Gold no action for a long time!

My feeling is that Photodex is more and more concentrating on professional photographers and advertising agents. Spotlighted shows are now primarily from professional photographers.

There was a time that Photodex had competition's with prices of software. The problem is to keep everybody happy!
The presenter plug in is also creating problems for some browsers; not everyone likes using Vimeo.

When I joined in May 2009 there was plenty of activity and comments to posted shows from the real enthusiasts who knew the program inside out, they still do!! We don't want to loose them!

There are many posts with well over a 1000 views but very few replies. Suggestion to make visitors login in to view shows. All questions and answers are now available via Google.

Another factor is the site is still using (www.) and not the save (https://www.) that some browsers don't recognize.

Of course we all have different ideas about content and presentation. That's Life! :)


Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Sat May 26, 2018 11:38 am

Hi, Bill,
welcome to the discussion - it is so great to have "not-just-to-look" , but participate.

I have the same feelings as you do.... (about: "...for quite some time now that the interest for Proshow Enthusiast has disappeared.." - as remarked in your post...)

My opinion is - (and anybody could agree / disagree with me on this) : lately - people are so afraid to express ANY OPINION - that any discussion is just FLAT, DEAD and NULL ....

What do you think ???

Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Sat May 26, 2018 11:54 am


your remark about: " The presenter plug in is also creating problems for some browsers; not everyone likes using Vimeo..."

You are right, I had many problems with Proshow Presenter Plug,
and I like the Vimeo - it is very easy to watch, & you do not need anything special to see the shows....

As on your note for VIMEO - I'm not even signed in yet, but planning to get the subscription, so I could communicate (2 ways) with people with similar interest.

... You are right --- " Of course we all have different ideas about content and presentation. That's Life!"


Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Sun May 27, 2018 2:06 am

Hello Forum,
hello Jean-Pierre,

thank you for your posting.
I still have psp 7. In 8 and 9 the innovations were not enough for me.
My wish list would be:
-64 bit for larger shows in exe, not limited to 2 gb. I have several full hd videos and so 2 gb are full quickly.
-Videos in PS must be a better qualität in exe.
-Volume control should be have more regulation of the volume from quiet to loud. Between 100% and 50% only a small difference
-Volume jumpswhen I have videos with sound and soundtrack if both together in PSP.

PSP is a very pwerfull software, better than the software from Germany and Austria. I do not want to have another but you should improve the software a bit to more professional.
The postings were when changing from 4 to 5 and 6 powerfull. This was the time with the best changes.
I think when PSP makes more interesting news again the postings will be more again.

I hope you-all understand what I mean.

Best regards Dieter

Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Sun May 27, 2018 7:58 am

Hello All !

After reading your respective posts I do agree with you all. I read in another thread that Photodex had sent an enigmatic reply to someone requesting a 64 bit version. Here it is viewtopic.php?f=28&p=178495#p178495

This information should be more promoted by Photodex as to mainain a real interest in their product including their current users.

Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Mon May 28, 2018 11:58 am

The ability to add commentary was severely limited some time ago, ostensibly to keep things "civil." It didn't help that some people simply liked to play troll and interject 'controversial' statements. That made it harder on everyone else. Some people couldn't figure out what critique" was and instead attributed it to "attack."

Some people thought they were know it all's. Interspersed with some good info they gave plenty of bad ... because they often didn't really know what they were talking about. When they were called on it or corrected (or the correct information provided), they took offense. That was another contributing factor to the shutting down of certain commentary.

Prior to the ability to create Styles and then your own transitions, people were struggling to figure out how to get the program to do what they wanted to do ... something to get around the very real limitations of the software itself. After user styles and transitions were introduced, many people preferred to buy the effects than to create their own. Oft times the lack of understanding of how ProShow did its magic (and the amount of time necessary to obtain the experience and expertise to work around the program's "limitations), users simply bought the effects ... and many simply stopped trying to figure out how to get certain things done in ProShow.

All of these factors, and perhaps a few others, contributed to a downward spiral of user activity. I guess another contributing factor is that Photodex has had major number upgrades that actually didn't result in major improvements in the software itself. When it comes to actual new features, only version 9 actually added anything of value and that was the filters. Versions 5, 6, 7, and 8 didn't really offer a heck of a lot in terms of functionality. Even the follow filters of v9 weren't anything earth shaking. They still haven't improved cropping, shadows, outlining, or rotate center... none of which have changed a whit since the introduction. In the case of the first 3 that's since at least 2005. In the case of the latter, that's been since 2010. Here it is 2018 and these features are all staid ... in dire need of enhancement. It's one of the reasons (but definitely NOT the only one) that I developed my Tools for ProShow (they were originally only meant to keep me from reinventing discoveries I'd made about ProShow functionality). Photodex's Ver 9 of ProShow was a step in the right direction, it gave access to a kind of modifier-inspired feature (the simplest usage of a modifier, and the most widely used aspect of modifier usage). Too, it forced Photodex to fix the broken modifier Zoom feature. So, there's that to consider too. Still, the functionality wasn't anything really earth shaking when it came to actual functionality and/or improvements in features.

I'm not quite sure what the fix is ... but, part of the problem has to do with Photodex doing something that'll really catch the user's attention. The other might have to do with easing restrictions on commentary here ... and the limitations of "keeping" focused on a single topic per thread. Beats me what the heck is necessary to liven things up.


Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Mon May 28, 2018 5:38 pm

Mokummer wrote: ....When I joined in May 2009 there was plenty of activity and comments to posted shows from the real enthusiasts ..... Bill

how right you are - 2009 + 2010 were great years - with plenty of activities here!

Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Fri Jun 01, 2018 9:09 am

Yes, i am still "working" with ProShow v8. The majority of what I produce are manually advanced `exe` files for presentations to various clubs and societies so that I can show a correctly coloured image and provide a (hopefully) relevant commentary to go with each one. I do not use a lot of styles and about two transitions so am probably both very boring and in a minority. I do include some music with auto advanced sections and the occasional bit of video.

As such I have relatively few demands for new features other than the desire of 64 bit operation and the resultant file size limitation being removed.

I have had great help from this forum but these days seldom look here as I have not run into any problems lately!

I have seen no benefit to upgrading to v9 for "bells and whistles" I do not use.

Thanks to all who have helped over the years.

Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:44 pm

Been awhile but I donated again and I plan to check in every day as I use to! So the number should up by at least one.

Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:08 am

I'm still visiting the site on a semi-regular basis, although not making shows lately. I had been busy helping my mother, but I just lost her a week ago, and it will take a while before I feel the strength to approach a video for her... or anything else for that matter.

I just found out my daughter is having her 2nd baby, so life continues. Hopefully I'll regain my mojo, though it's been so long that I feel I have to relearn everything.


Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Mon Jun 04, 2018 5:00 am

Hello all, I have been a pretty dormant forum member. Up until some years ago, I used to visit from time to time, just to see if there was any news on the ProShow front. I do applaud and thank the many active forum contributors for helping out others over the years. But for me personally, the product itself is of no real interest anymore.

I have basically given up on using ProShow because I feel that Photodex will never really commit to adding better video support and they're just too late with a 64-bit version (which is their good right of course and may be due to funding constraints, company goals, etc.). I find its still image capabilities are 'still' superior to other software.
However, when I compare its video capabilities with those of video editing software, I find Proshow utterly incapable of handing 'serious' video content (larger files, ultra HD, high bit rate). And while my current favorite, Cyberlink PowerDirector, may be no real match for still image handling, it is capable enough to meet my needs - I did cut down on using effects and transitions for lack of time and because less seems more to me these days. More importantly to me, it is vastly superior in handling video. Proshow is just no match there (extremely sluggish and downright incapable even on a new high-end PC) and probably never will be because of the company's product focus.

Thanks to Jean-Pierre for making me want to chime in again after such a long time :wink:

Cheers, Robert

Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:55 am

ProShow is not and never has been a video editing program. It's a "slideshow" program that creates videos from still images and graphics … with the capability to handle video. It's focus isn't really on professional doing video slideshows … it's focus is on people who rarely do video slideshows. That way someone with absolutely little expertise can use the program to create a video slideshow. It might be something you pretty much have to force yourself to watch but at least the video can be created. As for those who are considered expert, they can wring considerable capability out of it … including using videos.

See, the idea is to use an appropriate 3rd party software for those things the program isn't set up to handle well (for a variety of reasons). When I started using ProShow (back in v2.6), I needed to use a photoediting software for various image processing needs: blur, certain hole punching needs, various shadowing needs, special filters, etc. The results were then imported into ProShow where I could use its unique capabilities to create the product I needed to create. The same went for videos: trimming, slicing out the portion(s) I wanted, creating the various masks to allow me to give transparency to portions of the video within ProShow.

However, none of that is the reason why things are slow on this site ... the Yahoo forum suffers the same dysphoria ...


Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:19 am

I agree with Dale about the video aspect. And I would include sound. Very weak, IMO. So I use Audacity for sound, Movie Studio for video and of course Photoshop for photo editing. Combined with Producer a great presentation can be made.
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