Songs for Sports Slideshows

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Songs for Sports Slideshows

Postby jrbunky » Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:09 pm

I primarily create Sports Slideshows for my kids sports programs and I have found these songs work very well for the fast and slow songs. I use a simple program called GoldWave to edit out the parts of the song I don’t want. Sample SlideShow (Swim Team)

2006 list
Chicago bulls theme
BTO - you aint seen nothing yet
Queen - We are the champions
Guns and Roses - Sweet Child of Mine
Ted Nugent - Stranglehold
Vanhalen - Jump
Louden Wainright III The Swim Song
Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion
Smash Mouth - All-star
Phill Collins - True Colors
Taylor Hicks - Do you make me proud
Van Morrison - These are the days
Louden Wainright III The Swim Song

2007 list
Mission Impossible
Dire Straits - I want my MTV
Cirque Du Soleil - Eclipse
Sam Spence - A new Game
Fat Boy Slim - Right Here, Right Now
Oasis - Bittersweet Symphony
P.O.D - Youth of a nation
Green Day Vs. Oasis - Boulevard of broken songs
Blue Man Tubes - Rods and Cones
Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away
Dangling Tango
Dave Matthews - Ants Marching
Bare Naked Ladies - Chinese Chicken
Cat Stevens - Peace Train
Dances with wolves - Journey to fort Sedgewick
Rob Thomas - Little Wonders

2008 List
Pink - Get this party started
Turning Point
Autumn Thunder - Cherry Lane - Heros of war
Van Halan - Aint talking about love
Blue Man Group - Time to start
Gladiator - The Battle Mod
U2 - Where the streets have no name
Acoustic Highway
Embrace - Ashes
The Swimming Song
Billy Joel - Theses are the times to remember
David Cook - The times of my life
The O'neil Brothers - Prelude - Falling in love

2009 List
07 - Fire On The Mountain drums only
Linkin Park - New Divide (Original) 2009
City of Blinding lights
Forever changed -2 the need to feel alive
Dangling Tango
Blade Trinity Soundtrack - The Crystal Method - Starting Over
Robbie Williams - Let Me Entertain You
John Cougar Mellencamp - Check It Out
Theory Of A Deadman - End Of The Summer
Miley Cyrus - The Climb
Rascal Flatts - My Wish for you
Wicked Soundtrack - For Good

2010 List
The Who - Won't get fooled again (first 20 Seconds)
Games of inches
Crystal Method - Replacement killers
Breaking Bengamin - Only the strongest will survive
ELO - Electric Light Orchestra - Fire On High
U2 - Still Havn't Found What I Am Looking For
Taio Cruz - Dynamite (Just the hook part of the song)
Kesha-TiK-ToK (Just the hook part of the song)
Uncle Kracker - Smile
Kris Allen - Live We're Dying
Tina Turner - Simply the best
What a Wonderful World
Louden Wainwright III, Loudon - The Swimming Song
Cars - Let the Good Times Roll
James Taylor - Shower the People
Kenny Loggins - Celebrate Me Home

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Re: Songs for Sports Slideshows

Postby pja » Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:26 am


I work primarily with sports slideshows and I like your selections. I think your "The Who" intro choice is perfect. I will most likely dig up some of your selections to fit with some of my work.

I normally have a file with all my edited songs I use as INTRO's to my slideshow. as a means of beings energy and excitment. Then transend into the other songs to sync with the remaining images on the slideshow.

If you are interested in my list of these intro songs, or my slideshow list, let me know.


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Re: Songs for Sports Slideshows

Postby jbetta » Fri Oct 22, 2010 8:53 am

I would love to see your list. I am always looking for sports music ideas.


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Re: Songs for Sports Slideshows

Postby Ron » Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:35 pm

I know this is an earlier date - mid 80's (I think??) - but I used John Fogarty's "Centerfield" for a little league team that worked really well IMHO.
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Re: Songs for Sports Slideshows

Postby joemav57 » Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:06 pm

One quick note (and I know this is a little late), the Chicago Bull's theme song is actually known as Alan Parson Project's "Sirius"
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Re: Songs for Sports Slideshows

Postby jump » Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:36 pm

I just finished a 22 minutes slide show for the varsity football team. I used:
Monday Night Football Theme
The Final Countdown
The Boys of Fall
Run to the Playoffs
One shining Moment

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Re: Songs for Sports Slideshows

Postby kabeeo » Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:40 pm

I've done a lot of sport shows and have gfound that the following also work well

Glory Days-Springsteen
Summer of 69-Bryan Adams
You Get What You Give-The New Radicals

Cliffs of Dover-Eric Johnson--Great Instrumental
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Re: Songs for Sports Slideshows

Postby wiggy » Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:01 pm

I have been doing sports video professionally for over 20 years now. If you need some ideas give me a shout and I will be glad to help out.

On a side note...for people who post songs, especially the orignal poster...please try to at least post the correct song name. Nothing if more frustrating than someone giving out wrong song info...and they just edited with the song!!! Seriously? I can assure you I know the exact name and artist of every song I've ever used and there have been hundreds. It's not too much to ask and it's not being picky. It's courtesty if nothing else.

For example, the Dire Straits song is called "Money for Nothing" not "I Want My MTV".

Taylor Hicks is "Do I Make You Proud"...not "Do You Make Me Proud".

"Bittersweet Symphony" is by The Verve not Oasis

The Bare Naked Ladies song is called, "One Week" not "Chinese Chicken".

If you're going to rip off the artists' copyrighted work to use to make your videos at least have the decency to get their names and song titles correct.

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