Smart Sound's Explanation Of YT's Content ID Flagging

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Smart Sound's Explanation Of YT's Content ID Flagging

Postby debngar » Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:29 pm

YouTube's annoying content ID flagging of user's videos that contain legitimately licensed royalty-free music has been discussed in this forum ad nauseam. But I just saw this posted via Smart Sound's blog and thought the explanation might be helpful for slideshow making newbies and for those using Smart Sound music in their videos. Apparently they're willing to help users resolve YT flagged videos with Content ID issues that include their licensed music. ... utube.html

Historically speaking, any time I've used classical music (legitimately licensed) with one of my slideshows uploaded to YouTube, the video is certain to be flagged immediately because other publishers have released similar versions of the classical tune, regardless that the musical piece is old enough to be public domain.

Besides immediately disputing the flag, I try to habitually include the company name who licensed it to me, the title, artist and publisher at the end of the video and also post it in the video description area. So far, that's worked in all cases of my flagged YT slideshows. I recommend it as the best practice at this point. I doubt there's a way to avoid it so I just consider it part of the slideshow creating process now.

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