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Several requests

Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:56 am

Been using proshow for a while now, both for video and photo's, and although I love it, there are some features missing I would very much like to see incorporated.

Video & Audio
1. Several audio streams. Including separating videofiles into videostream and audiostream
2. More editing options for video, such as color balance

3. Separate "timeline layers" for movement, zooming, panning etc. When using many keyframes, it can be a big hassle to change just zooming (for example), because it's all done on one timeline. Altering one aspect, you need to alter all keyframes, which would be a lot less tricky if all the aspects (zooming, panning etc) would have their own timeline layer.
4. More slide duration altering options. When changing slide duration as it is now, it either stretches or compresses the entire timeline, which alters the keyframes. I would like an option to just add or subtract time from a slide, leaving everything else intact.
5. Copying (multiple) keyframes to other slides/layers/captions at once. Let's say, I have several captions in one long slide, all moving simultaneously several times during the slide. As it is now, I have to copy each keyframe manually to each caption. I would like an option to select a bunch of keyframes and copy them all at once to another caption.

6. Option to edit multiple captions at once, such as for changing font, color etc, and just on one slide or for the entire show.
7. Option to blur text

8. Option to select maximum video filesize

Ok, thank you and I hope this will find it's way into the next release :-)

Re: Several requests

Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:11 pm

Ask Mike, the administrator, to move this post down into the Producer section. (We all periodically push the wrong button. :D )


Re: Several requests

Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:55 am

In addition to this being moved to the Producer section, I think a number of these have been requested of Photodex. However, it would help to make the request directly to Photodex. It can't hurt to have the requests made multiple times, if only to have them revisit the features request implementation queue!

I requested the caption blur feature when the ability to blur an image was first made to Producer, sometime in late 2008 (and it has yet to be implemented, darn it!).

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