have a Tele-Prompter on a second screen/monitor

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have a Tele-Prompter on a second screen/monitor

Postby klaus.gabriel » Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:01 am

Hi, I'm a newbe and my English is horrible! please forgive me!
I'm using Produce for public show of my journeys with big audiences and put inside a Project many shows.
Some are happy with the spoken comments inside the show's EXE but some like me to talk life.
The older I get, the harder to remember all my comments at he "performances".

So I like to have an Tele-Prompter like TV New-Speaker have on a monitor not visible to the spectators (on an beamer) but for me syncronized with the Show's timeline. Optimal would be an thumbnail of the current and next following silde-frame. The text to be displayed on the prompter is not that one from the captions! And I don't like to read/speak the text, whih could be prompted. Sometimes it makes sense to start a story before the relevant slide is displayed.

I studied all forums but couldnt find my issue.
Is there any (and even close by) solution?
If yes, how to realise this?


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