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Resurrecting "Golden Oldies"

Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:23 am

I miss some of our members who haven't posted in a long time or have passed on. Even without the sophisticated effects we have now, some older shows are still worth viewing (or revisiting for those of you who have seen them before and want to watch again.) I think many here will agree that any show worth watching tells a good story. You never know, some of these might inspire an idea for a new show to work on for the new year.

It's been a good 5 years since Barbara initiated the "Golden Oldies" thread which is now a sticky topic under PSP CHALLENGES. Members who joined after Dec 2008, might enjoy watching some of the veteran member's favorites.

If you have a favorite that's newer and it's not already listed, feel free to share the link to the original show thread in a NEW thread in the PSP Challenge section. Include "Golden Oldie" in the title along with the title to the show so it will be easy to find later.

(As Barbara pointed out,)
NOTE: If you've never seen a particular show before and haven't, therefore, ever commented on it, honor the person who created it by commenting in the original thread.

Here's a link to the sticky thread for a bit further background.

Scan the individual threads in the Challenge section for "Golden Oldie" in the title it to find links. You'll have to scroll down some to when they were posted in December 2008. Also there are a few on page 2 of that section.

PSP Challenges Section

Enjoy and Happy New Year! :D

Re: Resurrecting "Golden Oldies"

Fri Jan 10, 2014 6:00 pm


I just did a search for "walking with the dead" and it came up null. How sad. Apparently, this was done in "gold", but this very video, brought me into Photodex. I have to say that it was way above it's time in slideshow production. I have always contended that the music is 50% of a production and in this case, I might say 75%. The effects were stunning to the point where you could simply not walk away until the end of the show.

I had family members over this one night. I told them, "come and see what I'm getting into". They watched "walking with the dead" and the effect it had on them was beyond words ! I was "sold" on ProShow !!

Nuff said !


Re: Resurrecting "Golden Oldies"

Fri Jan 10, 2014 7:49 pm

PhotoMill wrote:Debbie,

I just did a search for "walking with the dead" and it came up null. ...snip


Ok, I did a bit of a search myself. It took me a few minutes but I found a link to the show. It's not the original thread posted to the forum which I'm guessing might have been around Feb 2007, the date the show was first uploaded by Mac. (swami_barmi is his gallery name). The original thread may have been deleted along with others that are old to make space for new posts.


Since you brought this one up, just start a new thread in challenges and title it "Golden Oldies" - Walking With The Dead and give credit to Mac who made it. That way people can comment on the show in that separate thread instead of this one. :)
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