Personal Web Site Posting Rules

Want to share your own personal web site with the other forum members? Post a link here. This section is for personal sites only. Sites promoting slide show businesses are acceptable. Please DO NOT link to sites that you use to sell ProShow styles, templates, etc.
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Personal Web Site Posting Rules

Postby MG - Admin » Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:21 pm

This section of the forum is for members who would like to share their personal web site with other members. Photo galleries, blogs, hobbies, interests, etc. are all acceptable web sites that can be shared here.

You're more than welcome to post your web site here if you are running a business of producing slide shows for clients, and are not selling content that can be used to create slide shows such as templates and styles. If you are selling templates, styles, etc., please post your web site in the "ProShow Marketplace" section following the rules set there.



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