Online film scanning services -- why I'm not using one

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Online film scanning services -- why I'm not using one

Postby DickK » Sun Jan 15, 2012 6:25 pm

Last summer and fall I was intensely involved in first getting our collection of snapshots and photos scanned and saved. After getting that done, I started working on my large collection of 35mm slides--and that proved to be quite an adventure. Along the way I described what I was doing here and created a series of posts on one of my blogs all about it (link is to an index of all nine articles).

Over the holiday break I realized that I'd done the work for another article but never posted it--an article about my investigations and experiment with online slide scanning services. Doing the slide scans is a massive amount of work and once I'd done enough of it to know what my scanner and I could do, I looked into the idea of using one of the services. That's the now subject of a post on my blog.

For me, the right answer was to not use the services and the blog post explains why. But they still might be what you need--in the long run what counts is getting those precious pictures scanned so you can share and preserve them.

If you've used any of them, I'd love to have you add comment to the post with which one you used, and how the experience went (how long did it take, how good were the scans and overall how happy were you with the results.

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