My FREE created Youtube Channel in Memory of April Jones

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My FREE created Youtube Channel in Memory of April Jones

Postby br1stolboy » Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:31 pm

Hi everyone, I thought I would share with you, my April Jones memorial Youtube Channel. Before anyone see's the negative in this, please note, that from day one, this channel has had the full blessing and backing from April Jones parents themselves Coral & Paul Jones.
For those who don't know about April Jones, she was a beautiful young 5 year old girl whom was abducted and murdered by a man who's name i refuse to say back on 01st October 2012. I have created her channel in memory of this beautiful little girl so her memory will live on, and i know it also helps to bring comfort to her immediate family and those who we're touched by this little girls disappearance back in 2012.
I have used 2 different types of software for her videos...
1) is Proshow Producer which I have never had any training on, but decided too teach myself how to use, the other is....
2) 3D Album Pro which again self taught to use.

All video's are free for public viewing and not for profit nor monetary gain.

Hope you like browsing the 140+ videos I have created so far to date.

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