Raymond's site and portfolio

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Raymond's site and portfolio

Postby raysilfin » Wed Jan 04, 2017 1:22 pm

Regards from Finland! I'm a newbie on this site so a few words about me. I'm recently retired teacher (marketing, multimedia), now an instructional designer, animator, and video editor.
I work mostly with Videoscribe, CrazyTalkAnimator 3, ProShow Producer 8, Camtasia 9, Illustrator, Photoshop. Premiere 2017 and a fabulous travel route animation software. I've filmed and produced numerous videos related to education, graduation, wedding, and promotion.
I started working with Proshow Producer 7 months ago, and I love it!
I love to travel and although that is currently not possible, I love to work on topics that relate to traveling and any events.
I have phishing issues with my site, but you can securely see my video portfolio at http://linkn.mobi/vh/3459 or follow/like my my FB-page https://www.facebook.com/myskillsproduction
I'll try to be an active and collaborative member from now on :D
Regards, Raymond Silfver

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Re: Raymond's site and portfolio

Postby Riekelt » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:37 am

Thank You Raymond for your info from Finland.
I feel a connection here :D Because i am also a newbie here. I am a computer user fot all my live, but
last years mostly with the combination foto and sound -> slideshow.
But when i visit your site and facebook i see you are an experianced video editor ! Nice stuff.
I want tot learn more about Photoshop (mac)en PsP 8 (win) and that is why i am a member of
Proshow Enthousiasts.
But I think most mebers are here for years and strted with an early PSP version.... So here i feel myself a starter.
I visited your site myskills and saw very nice things. :) I am no social media user ( Facebook, instagram, linkedin etc.)
For me most of the social media places taste like fastfood. Come, Eat Quick and Go again......
My compliments specially fot your " yearly revieuw" . I see PSP in it or am i wrong ?
My last PSP was about memorials and I Think PSP is great in makeing a memorial show.
I want tot do more with this theme. Stil lots to learn and practice, practice and practice :lol: :?: :lol:

Greetings from Holland and hope to see you here on the enthousiasts site.
Riekelt Koffeman

WIN10 PSP 9.0
MAC OSX Photoshop / Lightroom
Foto CANON 80D

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