Textures, Shine, & Free Music at The Frame Locker

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Textures, Shine, & Free Music at The Frame Locker

Postby BarbaraC » Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:25 am


Go to the home page at The Frame Locker to find all your needs.


Just one Homespun style with a selection of "prints" plus automatic framing will have you quickly creating textured shows for vacation, memorial, family celebration, or anything else where you want to create a sense of comfortable warmth. You can even "dye" the cloth any color you want, suiting it to photo and theme.


PolyChrome contains 16 slide styles (+ 1 helper style) that involve hardly more than adding your photo to a slide, applying the style of your choice, customizing colors if you want, and then going on to the next slide. Four designs have 4 versions each for different types of motion or for quickly setting up a series. PolyChrome will accommodate any theme!

Royalty-free Music is now FREE

I love composing music. It's my escape from all the petty annoyances in life, a comfy little place that seems to exist elsewhere. I've decided to stop charging for the music, to share it in the way we offer food and drink to people who visit us in our homes. Why? Because it feels good to do this. If you use any of the tunes, just give The Frame Locker credit somewhere in your show.

Cheers from The Locker
(a.k.a. Barbara)
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