All-4-Corners, Styles from FPVP

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All-4-Corners, Styles from FPVP

Postby im42n8 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:16 am

This is a set of 3 effects, each a variation of each other. The basic effect is the same for each. There are 4 landscape oriented images located in each of the screens 4 corners. Each image, in turn, moves from its corner to full screen and back. Each image has a border frame which stays with the image at all times as given below:

• In variation A the frame sizes off-screen as the image fills the screen.
• In variation B, the frame sizes off-screen only after the image becomes full screen.
• In variation C, the frame stays on screen. At full screen, its blur and opacity settings can override the default settings for a customized view.

(1) The border frame is user replaceable. PROVIDED: 10 different frames, 2 variations each for a total of 20
(2) Change color of all frames using brightness, white point, black point, contrast, and hue.
(3) Adjust their appearance using blur and/or opacity.
(4) Use either portrait or landscape oriented images.
(5) Images sized larger than the reference frame, can use pan to reposition the image in the screen. You chose the image’s size at any point in its display.

Easy to use, flexible, simple looking, All-4-Corners uniquely provides opportunities for presentation customization simply unavailable elsewhere. It is like having many styles in one.

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