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Postby MG - Admin » Fri May 03, 2013 11:45 am

Over time I've noticed a disappointing behavior from some of our more established members. There are a number of members that have extensive skill and knowledge with the ProShow products and sometimes their posts appear to be bullying in nature. Yes, they've been here a long time, and yes they do know a lot about the software, but there's no need to try and control everyone else or put them down for not having the same skill set. I've seen it with several members and on numerous occasions over the years and it's come up once again so that is why I'm posting this.

Please try to remember that we're all here because we enjoy using the ProShow products and want to share, learn and sometimes just discuss different options. It's okay to disagree at times as that leads to learning. I have to draw the line when the responses become personal and it appears that someone is trying to bully the other person with their "expertise". Do the forum and yourself a favor and just bite your tongue the next time you feel the need to start berating someone for not understanding what you are posting, or simply not agreeing with what you are saying. This goes for public posts or private messages. I know it's tempting to want to clarify your position, or prove that what you are stating is correct, but if it comes across as simply trying to put yourself on a higher level than the other person or make them feel less than adequate than you've crossed the line.

I'm not pointing fingers and as I mentioned above it's not just one person. It's not all the time, either. Sometimes is too much, though.

Thanks for cooperating!


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