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Postby MG - Admin » Fri Oct 04, 2019 10:06 am

Hello, everyone!

Many of you are excited about the recent news of a program that will utilize many of the features we've all become accustomed to with the ProShow products, but will also improve upon and add many more features that we didn't get with ProShow. I'm just as excited as most of you are to know that our previous work will be compatible as well so we can go back and tinker and possibly get the end result we had hoped for, but didn't quite get to.

Some of you have reached out and asked me to expand the forum to include the upcoming software release of the Director and Creator products. My answer to that is no, and for good reason. The ProShow Enthusiasts Forum, going on 14 years now, has been the premiere place on the internet for those seeking help, providing help and sharing their work created with the ProShow products. Mixing in Director and Creator sections could be confusing and imply things that aren't correct. For one, some might make the mistake of thinking the new company and Photodex are one and the same with different names. That isn't true as they are completely different companies.

With that said, I will be launching a new forum that is completely dedicated to the new products. It will have a familiar feel to it as I've set it up similarly to the ProShow Enthusiasts forum with sections for Director and Creator to be discussed. I will not launch the new forum until the new products have been publicly released. As anyone involved with the new products will tell you, they are not able to speak about the products at this time unless specifically approved by the new company. Once the software release is made public I will launch the forum and we can go from there.

The ProShow Enthusiasts forum will continue onward as there will be those that don't transition to the new software. As quiet as the postings have been for the last year or so, there's still a lot of traffic to the forum from people seeking help and finding those answers here. I don't want to take that away from them.

Until then, I look forward to the upcoming release along with all of you!


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