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Deleting of Posts

Postby MG - Admin » Sat Mar 17, 2007 8:35 am

I recently deleted a long thread promoting a new photo album template for use with a competing product other than the ProShow products. While I have no problem with discussions about other products and how they may be used to help with shows created using ProShow, I felt that the motive behind the post was soley to promote the competing product and get users to switch rather than help them continue to use the ProShow products.

This forum was created for the users of ProShow products. If you prefer to use a competitor's product other than ProShow you are welcome here, but I will continue to delete posts that are not on topic and do nothing more than appear to be attempts to get others to switch products.

Like it or not, I control the content and since I pay the bills and take the time to make sure things keep running smoothly, it's up to me what stays and goes. If you don't like it, sorry.


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