FPVP Tools for ProShow (Basic)

Post your tips & tricks here for creating slide shows with ProShow Producer. This could include suggestions for style and content in addition to working with the software itself
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FPVP Tools for ProShow (Basic)

Postby im42n8 » Mon May 28, 2018 1:15 pm

Just a quick notice: The Basic version of my Tools for ProShow has been upgraded and is available on this site (see below).

The previous version was limited to working with a single layer. That has been expanded to 3, the same as the Full version.

The previous version only allowed for working with a single layer aspect. That's been considerably revamped. There are now 4 user definable layer aspects available at any time. Each of the 3 "Layers" can use a different aspect for its analysis or the same aspect. You can enter your own layer aspect (e.g., 3 by 2 or 200 by 600 or 4672:3104) or chose from a set of predefined aspects (images come in a variety of aspects. Images might be of the 3:2 aspect variety but may actually be slight different). You can also enter a set of "favorite" aspects from which to chose.

Basically, if you want to compare values for a set of different layers or the same layer with a variety of different settings, this upgrade makes it very easy to do.

The worksheet (provided in XSLM and OSD formats) supports all ProShow’s Scales, any ProShow allowable Safe Zone, and any layer aspect or slide aspect. It also calculates a layer's width and height for layer rotations at 0° and 90°.

Take the settings for your ProShow layer and enter them into the worksheet: Pan, Zoom, and Rotate Center. Additionally, you can provide the location of the point around which you want to reotate your layer (any point on or off the screen, on or off the layer itself). These values are then used to calculate a value for ProShow's Rotate Center function.

Since Pan, Zoom, and Rotate Center functions are related within ProShow, knowing two of them allows you to find the unknown third value. So if you provide a value for Pan (and/or Screen Rotation Point) and Rotate Center, the worksheet will tell you what value of zoom is needed to make those supplied settings valid. Or, provide a Pan (or Screen Rotation Point) and a Zoom value and the worksheet will tell you what value is for the Rotate Center function. The calculated values are recommended values based on the ProShow Settings you provide.

A Screen Rotation Point is a point around which to rotate (or tilt) a layer (you choose that position) or around which multiple layers will rotated. You may find other spreadsheets on the web that can calculate a rotate center value for your. But, none of them provide the features that this worksheet provides.


I created the FPVP Tools For ProShow (Basic) in Microsoft Excel (available as an XLSM worksheet: Excel 2007 or later). I also provide an OpenOffice worksheet (extension: ODS). I created it with OO 4.1.3 (OpenOffice is FREE ... the functionality between the two worksheets is virtually identical). You can select one of three languages: English, French, and Russian. But there's also an option that allows you to change the headings to whatever language you feel comfortable with (if you so desire).

If you're curious ... and/or you want to get the more out of ProShow's Rotate Center's functionality than Photodex provided, try it out!

What's New: Tools for ProShow: v11.42a Access ProShow capabilities Photodex doesn't provide (For PSG & PSP).
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