have a Tele-Prompter on a second screen/monitor

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have a Tele-Prompter on a second screen/monitor

Postby klaus.gabriel » Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:01 am

Hi, I'm a newbe and my English is horrible! please forgive me!
I'm using Produce for public show of my journeys with big audiences and put inside a Project many shows.
Some are happy with the spoken comments inside the show's EXE but some like me to talk life.
The older I get, the harder to remember all my comments at he "performances".

So I like to have an Tele-Prompter like TV New-Speaker have on a monitor not visible to the spectators (on an beamer) but for me syncronized with the Show's timeline. Optimal would be an thumbnail of the current and next following silde-frame. The text to be displayed on the prompter is not that one from the captions! And I don't like to read/speak the text, whih could be prompted. Sometimes it makes sense to start a story before the relevant slide is displayed.

I studied all forums but couldnt find my issue.
Is there any (and even close by) solution?
If yes, how to realise this?


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Re: have a Tele-Prompter on a second screen/monitor

Postby northward » Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:52 pm

In a presentation situation you describe you would probably want to talk freely, but with the support by prompter-text in point form. Why not make an independent prompter show, running on a tablet PC that can be used vertically to accomodate more text with shorter lines. The synching should not be so difficult, most of the time you advance both presentations simultaneously. In those cases where you want to go through more points than one prompting page can show, you indicate with a little symbol that tells you "advance prompter, hold image". Or you advance both to keep the rhythm, but the image you advance to is a cut transition to an identical picture - so nobody sees this. The prompter-presentation need not be made with Proshow, Powerpoint or the free OpenOffice presenter will do the job.
I know, even simple tricks can get you into trouble when the spotlight is on you and the heat from the public is on. But it may be worth a try. Versuch macht klug!
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