Create attractive HD shows from old VHS videos

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Create attractive HD shows from old VHS videos

Postby Teetime » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:06 am

I've found a nice new use for PSP but a few enhancements to PSP video editing could really improve the workflow. Basically I'm using PSP 9 to selected snippets from old VHS family movies and then using specific slide styles to creat attractive 16:9 format HD videos. Here's how I do this:

1. Capture the entire VHS tape into a digital format using a video capture device (available from Amazon for about $14) and my VHS player.
2. Import the video into PSP 9.
3. Open the slide (which contains the entire clip) and use the trim function to select the first snippet.
4. Close the slide, and then copy/paste the slide to create a new slide.
5. Repeat steps 3-4 until every desired snippet is on its own slide.
6. Then I use a custom wizard that includes only slide styles that have a blurred background. This puts each 4:3 format video snippet on top of a 16:9 blurred copy of the snippet. This produces a very attractive video that is watchable on a modern HD TV.

Steps 3-4 are pretty tedious as most of my VHS tapes have about 60-80 scenes to select. Here's what may be a fairly simple enhancement to PSP that could really improve this workflow. What if you could set scene in/out points as you scrub through the entire video. Each in/out pair would define a segment (scene) of video that would be used on a slide. Once all in/out points have been created you could then invoke a function that would create a slide for each in/out segment. It would also be really nice if you could then combine two or more slides (segments) end-to-end before assigning slide styles.

There's probably still a lot of old VHS family videos out there that could be brought back to life with a feature like this.

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