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Golden Oldies - Atlantis

Postby nannybear » Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:11 pm

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Ok, I actually made this one, but I brought it up because the effects were taught to me by ADDA aka Andreas and he taught me so much! When we first started out with Producer and it's abilities he took them to the MAX. I can't remember if keyframes were there then, I don't think so. The program and "us" "we" have come such a long way since we started with Gold it is amazing.... now there is PSP and keyframes, masks, chroma keying, alpha etc.... outputs are numerous to what they were in the begining. One thing I want all of us to remember when we get frustrated and want to blame it on the software is "Difference". Meaning, each individuals set up, RAM, Video cards, Hard Drive memory etc.... The software only works one way, but our setups control, or not, how well they get along with the program. It is easy to blame the software first before we look at what we are trying to run with what hardware.

Ok enough rambling!!!!! Andreas you are brilliant and thank you for all you taught me!!!

hugs Nanny ... 4121&alb=0 or
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