Prodecer shutting down when browsing for missing files

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Prodecer shutting down when browsing for missing files

Postby funnyguys » Fri Mar 22, 2024 9:18 am

I am running Windows 10 on a PC I have used for a long time. As of this week, when I try to use "Collect Show Files" as I always do, Windows gives me an error that says my file path is too long (it's only 25 Characters). Couldn't find an answer that helped me on the internet, so I decided to manually create a collect folder and move all the files in my show into it. So, I was expecting to be able to open the show and then point Producer to the correct folder and it would load. No such luck. When I open the show and it tells me 87 files are missing, I then browse to the correct folder and choose a file or files to point it there. At that point, ProShow shuts itself down. This is the only show I cannot open. I went in to the program files and deleted the .phd and the .cfg files, in addition to the .pxc file. Didn't help, even after rebooting my pc. Repointing to another folder has never been a problem in the past. Any ideas? I am really scared to uninstall Producer and reinstall as it has been working flawlessly since Photodex shut down. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Re: Prodecer shutting down when browsing for missing files

Postby CindyE » Fri Mar 22, 2024 8:14 pm

Hi...thought if this is OK I would mention the Facebook Proshow group that I belong to now in case you might want to check them out if you belong to FB. This group started up after Photodex shut down and now has quite a lot of group members. They are very helpful and usually someone will come up with the answer needed.
Regards, CindyE

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